wednesday morning in the garden

Garden 1

It’s so hot this week, but I’ve missed the garden so I went anyway. There was an abundance of pinks, and I especially loved the corals/russets/plums near the entrance to the Linnean House. Just beautiful in the early morning light.

Garden 11

Garden 12

Garden 13

It was already in the high eighties by seven o’clock, and the sprinklers were running full force as I walked. I kept looking for shade, but that low sun sneaks in everywhere. It was hard to stay cool.

Garden 10

Garden 14

Garden 2

Garden 15

Sometimes the path forward got interesting – I wrapped my camera in my shirt and made a break for it.

Garden 16

Garden 17

Garden 25

Garden 19

The garden paths are kind of lonely without F. I ducked out early to the boxwood garden instead.

Garden 18

The misters were going here, and the sunlight caught the water in the air in the most magical way.

Garden 4

I would wait for them to stop before I pulled my camera out, but they were cycling on and off every minute, so it wasn’t an easy task.

Garden 3

Garden 24

Garden 23

Garden 22

Garden 20

I walked for an hour and then headed over to SweetArt for breakfast. A rare quiet morning on my own – I took a book and my camera and settled into the silence. It felt good. Sweaty, but good.

Garden 21

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