Daily Archives: October 10, 2017

ask away

Earlier today I posted this photo on Instagram, along with the following:

I logged onto my blog last night and I have NINETEEN unfinished posts. I’m not finishing anything these days. Nothing feels right. Nothing matches me. October is a tough month, and I thought it was the signs of fall around me, but this year those signs aren’t even here yet, and it still feels heavy. I didn’t get anywhere on those unfinished posts, but I’d still like to break the silence with something easy. I’d love it if you’d ask a question you’ve always wondered about, or throw out a simple writing prompt. I promise to answer in a new post(s).

So if you aren’t on IG, or you are and don’t follow me (but please feel free to send me a request – I love to chat there), you are welcome to ask away in the comments here.