questions answered, part two (travel)

From Sue: If I could fly anywhere for a week…

I’d fly to Australia. (Although the thought of a flight that long freaks me out, and I’d rather stay longer than a week.) But that’s my dream trip. My longtime blog and IG friend lives there, and her photos are some of the favorites in my feed. I would stay with her and meet her family and friends in all her photos, and then let her plan the whole adventure. I’d want three weeks at least for that trip. She’d probably have to kick me out at the end.

BUT… If it’s TRULY just a week, I’d pick one spot and stay there. I’d fly into Genoa, and spend the first night in my old home there. I’d join the house for dinner, sit in the garden near the grotto, sketch for a few hours from the balcony off the guest room, and hang out in the kitchen with Angela and Andrina for old time’s sake.

Then I’d rent a house for the week on the Italian Riveria, hike the paths of Cinque Terre again, and eat trofie with pesto, and also my weight in mussels. I’d swim off the giant rocks in Manarola, and set aside the time to hike the Sentiero Rosso – I didn’t do that when I lived in the region, although I have hiked the lower paths from one end to the other. I don’t even need to talk about the coffee and wine, you get it.

And since it’s a pretend world here, I’d rent this house that still sticks in my mind from over seven years ago. It’s not even for rent, but it’s my own travel fantasy (and what my place would look like if I owned a vacation home there.) 

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  1. I’ll second that escape.

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