Daily Archives: November 8, 2017

questions answered, part six (help)

Kicking the writing back into gear with Sue’s prompt: If I could hire help, I’d hire…

A housecleaning service.

I have a multitude of reasons why I’ve never even brought up the topic. I feel like we should take care of our own house. If it’s too much to clean, it’s too much to own. My husband is already a clean-house person, and tackles most of it. My kids should also be responsible for helping. It feels like it would be a hassle to arrange. It seems like an unnecessary expense. Our house isn’t “finished”, so maybe when it is, I’ll consider it. I’m oddly weird about having people in my house when I’m not there. What happens if we’re not pleased with the work? I’m sort of nervous about having to fire someone. Lots of excuses, I know.

But still, I dream about it. Not an everyday thing, or even an every week thing. Okay, maybe that one. But I’d also settle for a few visits a month to tackle the deep cleaning. I’d love to start off a Saturday morning with a wide open agenda that doesn’t include cleaning the toilets. I imagine what it would feel like to walk into the house after a fourteen hour day and everything shines and smells fresh. Even a deep kitchen clean every few months – to come home to sparkling appliances and a shiny sink. Ahh, sounds nice. Clean windows once a month. Books dusted and straightened. Pillows washed and fluffed. I’m bookending this post with photos of just a portion of the trim details in our house, because having them dusted every few weeks by someone else would seem like a dream.

And since I’m really dreaming now, what about someone who remembered when it was time to water the plants, and did it? Or sharpened the knives? Or dropped off the drycleaning, or rotated the mattress, or deep cleaned the washing machine? All those things that Martha Stewart would list on her monthly calendars in the front of her magazines that always made me laugh. I mean, we do these things now, and we’re pretty on top of it. But our downtime and family time is so short, what if we could remove some of those little tasks that eat away at it even more? So maybe what I really want is a personal assistant. Too lavish, I know. I don’t even think it’s for me. But if someone just magically called the pediatrician’s office and scheduled well visits and put them on my calendar for me without me having to call from work and listen to hold music for fifteen minutes – well, I could probably adjust.