how much time is enough time?

I’ve been daydreaming about new pockets of time. Outside of just taking an extended period of time off from work, and not including vacations that are already spoken for, this is what I’ve calculated that I currently need:

One week: meetings, permit application, phone calls, appointments – bank, contractor, neighbors, city, etc.

Two weeks: design week – models and drawings for all the loose ends in the main house (stair railing, etc.), window shop drawing review, landscape design plan + associated meetings, cabinet details, appliance ordering, pantry layout

Two weeks: room by room – sort, pitch, donate, pack

Two weeks: finish all the creative projects that I have planned and sketched out in my sketchbook – most already have materials purchased but I never get to them, and maybe make some progress on my children’s book idea

One week: digital cleanup, including photos

Who am I kidding? One week: Additional digital cleanup

And while I’m at it – One week: Do all the things that I wish I could do during the work week but never have the time to take off to do them – chaperone a field trip, go to an exhibit on a weekday, book lunches with friends, run at the best time of the day

That’s ten weeks. It sounds crazy, but you better believe I could knock out a serious amount of stuff in those hours between 8-5. It sounds like a freaking dream. I’d even take half of that. I’m not greedy.

Instead I’ll cram most of those things into a few wedges of time in the evenings and over the weekends, and the rest I’ll just continue to let go.

My original intent of this post was to list some of my favorite things right now, but I got caught up in my current favorite thing – free time – and ran with it.

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