Monthly Archives: April 2018

saturday morning in the garden

It was so beautiful on Wednesday morning, that I was determined to get back here on my own this morning. Determined enough to set an alarm clock on a Saturday morning.

It was so much chillier than the sunshine let on through the window. My eyes watered for most of the walk, but the sun felt so good to me. I honestly don’t know what I’m doing with a camera, but it’s impossible to take a bad shot in this season. Everything is exploding, and the low sun and the blue skies and crisp air just help to highlight it.

F and I don’t always make it all the way to the rear of the Japanese garden on Wednesday mornings, but when I get a chance to, I take it. I love the zig-zag bridge the most – no matter the weather, it always seems to feel better when I’m walking on it. I had to dodge a few photographers in the area, but I snapped a quick shot across the water from there. I walked through the woodland garden where the sun peeked in through the tree canopy above.

The tulips just get better each visit. The varieties and colors and those tall, straight stalks are just so beautiful. Seeing them in bloom never gets old. But there are also tiny little treasures along the way that are easy to miss if you aren’t looking. I think that’s why I love the early mornings – it almost feels like the lower sun angle helps to highlight the buds and blossoms that would get lost in the middle of the day and the middle of the crowds.

It’s almost two in the afternoon as I sort through these photos and post them here. I can imagine how busy the place is right now, it’s a gorgeous day for a visit. I love the garden anytime, but it’s such a gift to be able to visit in the off hours, with a camera, a too-thin sweater, and an hour set aside for just this.

wednesday morning in the garden

I always seem to forget it each year, and then it catches me off guard – the garden changes at lightning speeds these days. Every corner we turned looked so different from last week. The colors were deep and beautiful, the blooms so abundant, the sun and the breeze warm and fragrant. Yesterday was such a busy day and evening and late night, but this morning, here, I felt restored. It was hard to leave.

We found our first iris of the season, but the next week or two should see an explosion of them.

The peak moment of joy was under the apple trees. The breeze was scattering petals as we walked under a shower of pink. So beautiful.

Most of the fountains are back on again, and they are pretty tempting. The raccoons are always a favorite.

Next on the list – visiting the newly restored and reopened library. This is my favorite building, and for over a decade I’ve stared into those big windows with the morning sunlight streaming in and wondered what it would be like to hang out in there. When we visit the garden during these early morning walking hours the buildings aren’t open yet. I’m hoping they will open this one early. I’d love to sit in there on cold winter mornings to warm up a bit, and pretend like it’s my own little secret library in the middle of my own secret garden.

full speed ahead

So, ahem. I got a little behind on writing here. BUT, I have been tasked with writing elsewhere, including being a part of the story corp for We Stories and our upcoming Give Day STL. So I have been writing, just nothing that I can post here (yet). More soon!

Speaking of writing, E’s been written up a few times in the paper for soccer. That’s been kind of fun. She’s really enjoying her first season playing on her high school team. The schedule has been exhausting though. They have a game or practice almost everyday, and they don’t have transportation to and from the games. So with start times usually at 4pm, she’s riding to the field with other students, and at least one of us needs to be at the field to bring her home. They have a mercy rule of 10-0, and that adds an extra layer of the unknown to the schedule. She’s had several games that have been called before the end of the first half.

Our regular division of duties used to be simple – I handled all the morning drop-offs and coordination while M went to work really early. Then he handled all the afternoon shuttling, while I finished in the office til at least five or later. Now he’s running one direction for E, and I’m trying to catch at least a few minutes of one of her games a week (I was 0-4 last week), and also picking up F when the times and locations are in conflict. So while soccer has been a fun addition to the spring roster, I will also celebrate the end of a successful first season. Back to the regular pattern of a full day of work and time to run and workout immediately following it. High school life is NO joke.