dinner, in a roundabout way

We have four dozen hard boiled naturally dyed eggs in our refrigerator.

After cleaning out the refrigerator before we left town, we were down to just a smattering of condiments and pickled things in the door, some hard cheeses in the drawer, three unopened bottles of club soda that I overbought for a reception punch, and a jelly or two. The pantry wasn’t much better.

Instead of sitting down on Saturday and making a list of foods we needed for eating, I looked up natural egg dyes and made a really bizarre grocery list instead:

6 red onions
Small head of cabbage
6 yellow onions
1 fennel bulb
1 bunch of carrots
6 yellow apples
6 oranges

I had paprika, tumeric, dill seed, green tea, and frozen blueberries at home. I also got a gallon of milk, good tomato soup, and a loaf of sandwich bread.

Those were what I used for the dyes. Except the milk and bread and soup. Those were for lunch.

I got up and went to yoga, and then it was nice to spend the day in the kitchen after being in restaurants all week. I made the dyes, and boiled the eggs, and set everything up slowly on the table. I left for an afternoon run, and when I returned, the girls were home and already at work. They didn’t seem to mind the weird colors – I think it sort of intrigued them. The results were pretty, and the dishtowels are now stained pink and yellow and purple, but that’s okay.

On Sunday afternoon, I sat down to map out meals for the start of the week. They have a common theme. You’ll never guess.

I’ve also pickled onions, but I have no idea what to do with the rest of them. We’ve eaten the carrots and the fennel and I made a salad with the peeled oranges and apples that we’re still munching on. The rest of the cabbage is about to make a slaw. It’s kind of fun to take a different jumping off point for food. We’ll see how novel the eggs are in a few more days. The toasts tonight were divine, and just how I wanted Monday to end.

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