Daily Archives: April 10, 2018

favorites (alyson’s question)

Awhile back I asked for reader questions, and I plan to circle back to some of those that I haven’t gotten to yet. Alyson asked me to list some of my favorites – beauty products, podcasts, Clemson friends…

I sort of laughed at beauty products. I’m not nearly that cool. I have the bare essentials for getting through the day without smelling too badly, or appearing too dry or tired or pale or frizzy. Sometimes I want to be that person with the well curated bin of fine products that work miracles, but I doubt I ever will be. I’m just not that disciplined. I have extremely dry skin, but even the act of applying lotion seems like a chore to me. I’m not going to call myself lazy, because I’m not. But indifferent? Guilty as charged.

A luxury to me is carving out the time to sit in a warm bath and flip through a stack of magazines. Sometimes I get out of the tub and apply CeraVe lotion from top to bottom. When I get into bed I feel like a million bucks, and I wonder why I don’t do this every night. But then, would it be such a treat when I do? I think not!

Podcasts – I have a love/hate relationship to them. I enjoy them immensely, but sometimes I get overwhelmed by my list of podcasts that I haven’t gotten to, and it makes me crazy. Lately I’ve really loved Modern Love for smartly written, tender stories, read by celebrities. Some make me cry, so it’s not the best for workday listening.

I love political podcasts, and find many of the NPR podcast offshoots very well done. I really love Sam Sanders’ It’s Been A Minute. I also enjoy the further left leaning (leaning is a generous term here) podcasts – Pod Save America being a favorite. Pod Save The People is one of the offshoots, and it’s probably my very favorite podcast. The assembled crew, led by DeRay Mckesson, is amazing. They deep dive into current events and social justice issues, and also, Clint Smith is my favorite person on Twitter re: poetry and writers.

I still enjoy the Harry Potter and the Sacred Text – they are nearing the end of Book Four. Call Your Girlfriend is a weekly listen, and I also tend to catch up with This American Life more in podcast form than on the radio. Same thing with On Being with Krista Tippett. What else? So many podcasts, so little time.

Favorite Clemson friends? I have many that read here, so I just can’t name names. But you know who you are…

Picture above from IG, one of my very favorite things – our bookshelves.