Daily Archives: April 25, 2018

wednesday morning in the garden

I always seem to forget it each year, and then it catches me off guard – the garden changes at lightning speeds these days. Every corner we turned looked so different from last week. The colors were deep and beautiful, the blooms so abundant, the sun and the breeze warm and fragrant. Yesterday was such a busy day and evening and late night, but this morning, here, I felt restored. It was hard to leave.

We found our first iris of the season, but the next week or two should see an explosion of them.

The peak moment of joy was under the apple trees. The breeze was scattering petals as we walked under a shower of pink. So beautiful.

Most of the fountains are back on again, and they are pretty tempting. The raccoons are always a favorite.

Next on the list – visiting the newly restored and reopened library. This is my favorite building, and for over a decade I’ve stared into those big windows with the morning sunlight streaming in and wondered what it would be like to hang out in there. When we visit the garden during these early morning walking hours the buildings aren’t open yet. I’m hoping they will open this one early. I’d love to sit in there on cold winter mornings to warm up a bit, and pretend like it’s my own little secret library in the middle of my own secret garden.