wednesday morning in the garden with both my girls

It’s been a long time since I’ve had both girls at home on a Wednesday morning. I’ve been looking forward to this change of schedule for awhile. They were slow to rouse and slow to rise, but we finally got there. Once there, they wanted to go everywhere until I reminded them of our time limitations. Next week they’ll get up a little quicker.

It’s been a little rough around the edges here lately, and I’m glad it’s finally Friday. I’m ready for the weekend pace. I’ve had some disconcerting symptoms that started out of the blue about a week after we returned from D.C., and I’ve had a series of tests in May. Since last Friday I’ve been waiting to hear something – anything – from my doctor, and yesterday they finally called, and then called again later for a lengthier discussion. The things that scared me the most are off the table, and that’s a relief. I can deal with the rest, even the unknown parts. It’s hard to be patient and focus on daily life and work when the mind wants to wander. We’ve had other major things surface, and have spent a lot of time organizing our workspace and our headspace. So many decisions to make and indecision to counteract. It’s draining.

But summer is here, and it’s glorious. I don’t even mind the heat because it means sunshine and sandals and lengthening days that I can fill up with more of the things that I love. Vacation is on the horizon, and the ocean puts everything in perspective. I welcome that. I can smell it already.

I’m so grateful for this space to walk, to clear my head and stretch my legs. I watch the girls ahead of me and they are ageless and timeless and it swells my heart.

Summer will be good for us, I can feel it.

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  1. Even things you can deal with can be difficult and draining. As for the ocean, well, that’s always a balm, as are gardens, daughters, a heart that swells and sings, and a lone cardinal. I’ll be keeping you and yours in my thoughts…

  2. ❤️

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