lately in the garden

Easing back into a (summer) routine this past week. It’s hot, but the mornings are tolerable. The garden is bursting with color, and with bees. Bees don’t bother me at all – I love to try and catch them on the camera, but it’s not easy. I was surrounded by them this morning, and then I realized the flowers I was surrounded by weren’t hosting bees, but wasps. See if you spot them. I backed away slowly and moved on. I know my limits.

I don’t have much else to say in this post. It’s Saturday afternoon, and I’m about to run a quick errand. I’m procrastinating at the computer for a moment, looking at birthday party photos and hunting down some violin rental information. I’ll post the party pictures soon. I love the weekend. I haven’t showered after my morning workout. I’m hoping to convince the others to take a bike ride later this afternoon. I believe in conserving water. I’m saving up for a good, cool soak and another go at that magazine stack. I want this day to stretch on forever.

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