saturday (away)

I had grand plans to put a post together earlier this week to be “ahead of the game”. It was a sweet one, and was perfect for a week focused on love. But I didn’t feel too great on Tuesday, and slept poorly all week, and more urgent things arose in the place of planning ahead. It was more of a treading water sort of week.

And now I’m away from a computer – hooray! – for the weekend, and I don’t enjoy texting on a phone keyboard, let alone blogging from one. So this will be short and sweet. I mostly wanted to say how much I appreciate you reading here again, your thoughtful comments, and emails, and notes you’ve sent. It feels good to connect again in this way, and to return to the ritual of writing.

And reading! I’m slow at it these days, but I’m tearing through a collection of essays today, and sitting in sunny spots whenever possible, like this one next to my girl, bass player just behind us. Glorious.

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