*what F calls new year’s resolutions

I haven’t written a whole lot on resolutions for awhile. I did a quick search to see when I last wrote with any depth on this topic, and it was in 2014.

I liked the format that I used back then, and thought it would be helpful for tackling some big (and little) goals this year. I wish that I could say that I will just focus on one item each month, but the reality is that we have three MAJOR things to work through this month, and none of those items can be pushed off until later. So the hours will fill up quickly this month – an even better reason to have a plan.

Here’s a sample format for one of those items in January:

January Focus (#1): 2020 Travel / College Visits

To-do’s related to that theme:

1. Select travel location(s) for Spring Break around campus visits for E. She’s working on the master list this week before returning back to school. Try and group a few together that week, and then set long weekend travel dates for any remaining outliers. Summer travel location is set (no work, all play!), and we’re very excited about it!

2.  Finalize dates and secure lodging and transportation for the two big trips.  

3. Start spreadsheet for both trips, and reach out to others for travel advice and recommendations.

4. Flesh out lodging / transportation for any smaller trips required.

Learn something new:

Navigating more of the college selection process, and developing a system for organizing the copious amounts of information (with deadlines!) coming our way this year. System to be shared between me and M and E so that we can all contribute and keep on top of things. Divide tasks equally and set aside time to chat in person (weekly?) about where things stand.

How I want to feel at the end of January: 

Organized, calm, ready.


I like the balance of action items (I love a good to-do list) along with naming what will stretch me and how I want to feel once these items are completed. I’m really good at organizing myself in this way during the holidays – particularly when making my cards. I chart out a master plan for the month on a physical calendar, and I continually refine the nightly to-do lists (finish 110 palm tree tops, glue snow on mountains, affix stamps on envelopes…), and so I hope to continue in that mode (with less x-acto blades and more sleep) in the coming months.

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  1. wishing you an x-acto-free month or two. you deserve it 🙂

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