the gift of noticing

One of my favorite gifts this season was this oddball collection of items from M, and here’s why.

This is my favorite measuring cup because you see the amounts from the top rather than stooping to try and see level from the side. We’ve owned one for almost twenty years now, and most of the lower numbers are completely faded. I use it all the time, and it always bugs me a little that I have to squint and hope that I’m pretty close to where I’m supposed to be – which isn’t ideal when looking for precise measurements. The annoyance passes quickly, so I forget to replace it…until the next day when it bugs me again.

I love this running belt so much because it holds my phone for me in a way that I almost forget that I have it until I need it for that perfect sunset park shot. I almost always remember it, but sometimes I don’t – especially in the winter when I’m tacking on an indoor run at the gym, and haven’t packed specifically for running. I’ve been meaning to get a second backup one to keep in the car at all times, but I just never seem to get around to it. I came home more than a few times in October and November from 10+ mile runs where I had to hold my phone in my hand the whole time, sort of aggravating.

Speaking of indoor running – each winter I’m forced inside for some of my runs, and it’s only after arriving at the gym for a run (rather than a class) where I realize that I somehow need to stash my stuff somewhere safe outside of a classroom. The Y has some locks for loan, but sometimes they are all checked out, and I either have to risk leaving my stuff in an open locker, dash from the car to the gym in the snow or subzero temps in a tank top and shorts, leaving outer clothes in the car, or head home with no exercise. I grumble about it during the winter… but quickly forget it again when it’s spring. So I never end up just picking up a lock to solve the problem.

That’s why this gift was so awesome to me. Little things that I’ve likely grumbled about along the way but never attended to. It’s really the gift of noticing, which is a lovely, lovely gift to receive.

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  1. yea to the noticing.
    good man.

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