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I was looking for a photo that I think I posted on the blog many years ago about the house project. I didn’t find it, but what treasures I did find! A few minutes ago I said goodnight to F and laid out her clothes for tomorrow. I get Wednesdays, which means I get to choose what she wears on Wednesdays. (I also get a say for church and other events requiring a little more dress up, but those always involve a lot of negotiations.) But really, I just get Wednesdays.

I don’t use it as an opportunity to force her into clothing she hates to wear. I just use it as an opportunity to bring out some of the clothes that she owns to actually get them on her body. She’d like nothing better than to only own about four things and wear them in a constant rotation. I don’t really blame her – I’m not all that different. But it also bothers me that she has perfectly nice clothes that she rarely wears*, and so Wednesday she gets a fresh look from me!

These days I’m just pulling from the bottom of the stack where the lonely tee’s go to die – but when she was younger I took the opportunity to put her in the cute hand-me-down’s from her sister and cousin. That’s why you’d only catch her in a dress or skirt in the middle of the week! (Garden day!) Now dresses are off limits completely, and that’s fine. But seeing these old photos makes me smile, especially those red shoes. I do miss the shoes.

* we don’t buy her many clothes, but she gets a lot of hand-me-down’s. We continually thin out her clothing to keep it manageable, and so we can pass on or donate clothes she’s not going to ever wear to someone else who will love them and wear them out.

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