i should get back into this

I really don’t have an excuse at this point for not writing more. I have the time now, but sharing out on other platforms feels easier and more direct. It’s been three months since I’ve written here, although I feel like I’ve written some posts in my mind but never got past that point. Maybe for my birthday tomorrow I’ll break the three month hiatus with a post. For now, here is a crabapple blossom shot from the weekend.

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  1. Hi ! How are you? I wrote a reply on a post several years ago about your daughter getting a mouth injury. I was wondering if she had scar tissue from that and if it lessened with time?
    My son bit through his lip and had to get stitches inside his bottom lip. It’s been almost 3 weeks and he still has that side puffy and hard to the touch. I’m concerned it’s not going away. Thanks so much for any input!

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