Daily Archives: May 13, 2020

i’m not sure what to say

I’ve had a serious case of writer’s block. This is probably not the correct term to use as I’m not really a writer, but really just a rambler of thought streams and master of the brain dump. I started out the year with strong intentions, but this space feels so remote to me now that I forget it even exists for weeks on end.

I used to read blogs a lot. Not a lot of blogs, but several of them almost daily. Now I read maybe two or three, and only occasionally, when I remember that they are still around. I still love the format so much, but other platforms feel more accessible now – easier to access for a moment here or there on my phone. When I was younger I could sit at the computer and catch up on blogs daily. Now I sit a lot for work, and want to be far, far away from the computer when I sign off for the day. Reading anything in long form on my phone feels draining – sometimes I’ll skim an article or two that way, but my patience with it is short. Plus my eyes are old.

As the girls got older, I stopped blogging so much about them – filling the space here with photos from my garden walks and general ramblings in my brain. With the closure of most places (including the garden), those pictures have disappeared for an entire season, and I’m having trouble figuring out what to replace them with.

I’ve wondered if it’s worth it to continue paying monthly for this space. I’ve told myself many times now that I’ll get re-energized when we launch into bigger house projects, and I’ll blog daily or at least weekly about them. But none of that has come to fruition yet, so I wonder if it ever really will. I’m debating a summer project of catching up on the girls’ photo albums, doing a lot of photo file sorting, and cataloging this blog in some tangible way and then closing up shop. Most of the things that I loved about it in the earlier days still exist (perhaps even deeper now) on other platforms like Instagram. I’m incredibly grateful for those online relationships that have blossomed into real friendships – too many to even count. I’ve met so many of you in person, or we text or email often. I know that friendships will continue long past this space regardless if it’s around or not.

So maybe I’ll just ask you this question – are you still here? Why do you stop by? What’s your favorite thing to read about? Do we connect somewhere else now, or could we if I leave this spot? I’d love to hear from you, and know your thoughts. If you’ve read here for a long time, then we’ve both gotten quite a bit older in the meantime! What was the connection in the beginning? And what has changed over time?

Regardless of your answers (or silence – either is fine), I’ve loved being here so much, and I really, really appreciate you being here as well.

all photos from quarantine, spring 2020