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modern victorian terrace garden – part three, design

And here’s the model with all of the rest of the pieces in it! One thing to keep in mind is that Sketchup has a limited number of components to add to a model, so I’ve done my best to represent the general idea for the landscaping components without spending countless hours trying to model specific flowers. I tried bringing in various flowers, but they bogged down the model a lot, and looked a little cartoonish.

The plan is to use a a variety of evergreen hedge plants to create crisp edges to the levels, and to also provide some feeling of enclosure and privacy. My favorites are Skip Cherry Laurel and Otto Luyken Cherry Laurel.

The planters across the front of the garden will also have room for some seasonal bulbs – as represented by these funny little alliums in the model! (I do love alliums though, and will definitely have some!) The lower portion of the garden on either side of the front fence will be planted with a variety of flowers that will bloom from spring to fall – I’ve included my list to choose from at the end of this post. I’ve just shown a lavender type plant in the model, but it helps to show what I’m thinking there.

I really love this view from the front gate. The tree in the model is the existing dogwood tree that we’ll keep in this plan. (And hopefully not damage with the retaining wall work we’re about to do.)

Here’s the view from the entrance porch looking back to the street…

…and the view from the sidewalk. Those green walls are the stone retaining walls on either side of the lawn – we’ll plant them with something that creeps over them and eventually hides them completely. You can see the stone step entrance into the courtyard area here. We plan to use pea gravel or something similar in a circular area of the courtyard, with some sort of focal point in the middle (see previous post). The area around that circle will be planted with a variety of ground covers and plants of varying greens and deep purples and reds.

Along the west fence line I’d like to plant tree peonies for screening. And the blooms of course!

We’d like some seating out there, and I’m leaning towards anything that looks like a more modern take on old wrought iron benches. I love the Sculptura benches and chairs from DWR.

On the east side of the walk, I’d like to plant some more bulbs between the fence and the hedge – we’ve got a lot of great opportunities out here because the yard moves from shade to partial shade to full sun the closer you get to the street. So think lots of green interest, and seasonal color through flowers – sticking mostly with whites and pinks / purples for some cooler tones.

Well, there it is – I would love to know what you think. We’ve got samples coming our way this week on many of the materials, and then we need to start digging. Lots to build and regrade before the fence guy comes for final measurements.

And I’ll just look at flower pictures a little longer and smile. Can’t wait!