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pumpkin patching

I kind of miss the days of events like these – they feel like something of the past now. Maybe it’s just the picture taking, the uploading of photos here, the memory capturing in words on the blog. I rarely do this anymore. Instagram seems to cover it, at least for the grandparents and friends.

For some reason I went through the old motions this afternoon. It was a chilly, drizzly day, and the kids are almost all teenagers now, but there’s still something sort of fun and fallish about a visit here. F really took the pumpkin finding seriously, and she was so good at it, she was “hired” by several others.

She loves the little ziplines, although they stop abruptly at the end and nearly knock you off your swing when you hit. She barely opens her eyes as she scoots along.

Even the mini-hayride was fun – not exactly a thrill-a-minute, but there was enough mud around that the danger of getting stuck was sort of there. The kids were good sports, but more importantly, so were the adults. We stood around and chatted for an hour and a half, and hoped our kids would emerge from the corn maze eventually.

Four pumpkins later and we were in the car and headed home. One for each of us, lined up in a row on the porch. The start of some homemade costumes are laid out in the dining room. Maybe they’re still a little bit little yet.

lately in the garden

I’ve written a lot of words lately, so here is a post of pictures. There are a lot, so I might overwhelm your device! Scenes from the garden over the past month – warm mornings full of sunshine, cooler, damp ones with overcast skies. A skittish turtle, lots of walking sticks. You can see the changes in the flowers from late summer to early fall.

I’ve been teaching F some tricks on the camera. The last two in the post are hers from yesterday morning. This is my favorite time in the garden, and I love spending the mornings there with her.

saturday morning in the garden

Last week was a long one, and I never could get caught up on sleep. By the time Friday night rolled around, we had a house full of girls and a college soccer game to attend, and the game went into overtime. I barely remember collapsing into bed that night.

Saturday morning came, and my alarm went off just after six. It was so tempting to turn it off. The sun was just starting to stream in through the open windows, the breeze was cool, and the sheets and blankets felt so good. The girls would be sleeping a few more hours if we let them, and I felt like it was perfectly rational to want to stay in bed and grab some more sleep.

Ten minutes later I got up. I knew that this was my time, and that I never regretted it when I took it. I threw on running clothes this morning instead of yoga ones. My yoga instructor wasn’t teaching that day, and I had decided to go for a long run after my morning garden walk. I checked the temperature outside, and threw on a sweater over my tank. I made a quick peanut butter sandwich to carry me through the next three hours and my run, and headed out the door.

The garden seemed quieter on this day. It’s never busy during that first hour of the walking hours, but I was surprised at how empty it was. Maybe everyone else had a similar reckoning moment beneath the sheets. I didn’t mind. An empty garden is my favorite, although I enjoy the quiet nods from others as we walk.

The sun seemed higher than it should be for September – it was a cloudless morning, and warming quickly as it began. The bees and butterflies were abundant, busy and still in turns.

I almost skipped bringing the camera – sometimes I convince myself that I’ve seen it all before, it hasn’t changed that much since my last walk. And then I’m reminded that it’s always changing, and I find new blooms and colors and views that I’ve missed.

The camera lets me look in different ways. I enjoy the heaviness of it in my hand.

I left my car at the garden and ran for the next hour and a half – to and around a nearby park, and up and down the tree-lined streets of the neighborhood. When I returned to my car the lot was nearly full, the garden fully open, streams of people filing in the doors with sun hats and strollers. I was headed home to smells of breakfast and a warm shower and a pot of coffee just for me, feeling more rested and relaxed than any good snooze button could offer.