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wednesday morning in the garden

We finally had some sunshine on a Wednesday morning, although the temperatures this week have stayed chilly. M’s mom was visiting, and F and I took her out for breakfast and a quick stroll through the garden.

Finally the tulips are starting to appear. I can’t get over how delayed everything is this season. The winter temps and weather just won’t let up. But things are starting to wake up around here, and it’s lovely to see again.

F decided she wanted to visit the waterfall, and once she arrived there, she plunked herself down on the sidewalk to watch. She’s claimed she wants to return this weekend and sit in this spot for five hours, so we’ll see how well that goes over.

The fragrance of the hyacinths is still with me. It’s the smell of spring, and the longing for it.

wednesday morning in the garden

Finally, finally, warmer weather. Sunshine. A little bit of heat. Breezes that don’t slice through you. Precipitation with no ice. It’s been a long time coming.

The garden is much further behind than normal. I’m so used to an April full of tulips, but we’re halfway through the month, and they are just starting to show their colorful heads. Daffodils are still in full force, and trees and bushes are budding all around. It’s still very much a waking garden, but that’s one of my favorites things to witness all year.

We skipped our leisurely breakfast spots to maximize our time outdoors. There wasn’t a single complaint, no ask for a short bench rest, no dramatic flops to the ground from all the walking. Instead I pulled and tugged at her. I have to get to work, it’s time to head to school. She didn’t want to leave.

Next week, she asked, could we please come earlier? This isn’t enough time. I’m feeling too rushed. We spent almost an hour there, but we can squeak in more if we’re really on the ball. We’ll have to rethink our breakfast plans and traffic routes. It can be done. It’s worth it. It’s the golden hour.

valentine’s day morning in the garden

We went in search of a little pink, and we found some. Mostly inside – the outdoors are still brown and rainy.

It was great to stretch our legs a bit, and catch up after missing each other yesterday. I have another long day ahead of me, but then we’re halfway to the weekend.

Excited to keep looking for signs of green and signs of spring. She looks so tall in these photos – those boots and raincoat are getting smaller and shorter by the day. Everything grows faster in the spring.

Anticipation is high. It’s coming!