In January 2015, exactly fifteen years after we first laid eyes on this house, we decided to embark on an ambitious “Phase Two” of its story. Follow our weekly journal detailing how two architects (and their two kids) plan, design, and build their way into the next fifteen years.

Week One: Let’s Get This Party Started

Week Two: Choosing a Surveyor and Collecting Ideas and Documents

Week Three: Survey Says!

Week Four: Confessions of a SketchUp Junkie

Week Five: Existing Conditions

Week Six: A Brief Pause

Week Seven: Basement Access, A Tale of Two Stairs

Week “Eight”: Reboot. Here We Go Again. For Real This Time

9:  Opening Up

10: Gettin’ Legit

11: Tight Schedule / All Hand On Deck

12: The Perfect Sink(s)

13: Range Specs

14: Black Brick / White Brick

15: This Is Huge

16: Conditional Use

17: Garage Plan

18: Carriage House Plan

19: Carriage House Elevations

20: Conditional Use Update

21: So Many Drawings

22: Site and Utility Work

23: Demolition Plans and Elevations

24: Site Plan and Site Section

25: Floor Plans


  1. Are you guys still working on this? I was very interested to see how it went. It’s no big deal of course, I was just curious. Love your blog regardless.

    • Short answer: yes. Long answer: Coming up very soon in a post, I promise. (Probably this weekend.) Thanks for checking in. And thanks, that’s sweet of you.

  2. Wendy D Mitchell

    I just had the best time going through the entire project! For some reason, your blog isn’t coming through on my reader, but I’ve hit it many times, based on your Instagram feed. Looking forward to more–when you have some time. Yes, I know how insane that sounds!

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