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friday finds (a day early)

Our family photos are up (through Monday night, the 29th) so check them out if you are curious.  There are so many I love, but one in particular made me laugh out loud.  I’m having a serious one-on-one conversation with F, and she’s giving me that look that she’s famous for.  See if you can spot it.  There’s also a fair amount of PDA.  Do people still say PDA?  Anyway, shield the little ones.

And let me know if you have a favorite – it’s going to be tough to choose.

52 projects: week nineteen

I’m jumping out of order again – I know, I know – but that’s the way it goes these days.  One fire at a time.
Interesting intersection between this article and this particular project on my to-do list for the year.
The article, by Allison Tate, is about her aversion to being on the other side of the camera.  She has many reasons for it – she thinks her kids are cuter, she likes pictures of the kids alone better than ones with her in them, and after having four kids she’s not feeling particularly put together and she doesn’t really want to document the way she looks at that moment.  I think everyone can relate to those things at some point.  But the other big reason she’s never in the pictures is that she is always the one taking them. 
I take pictures of my kids all the time, but one of my very least favorite things to do is to pose for a picture.  When I’m out doing something or visiting somewhere I hate it when people call for you to stop, stand still in one place / by some fountain / in front of some statue, and smile for the camera.  And I really, really hate corralling children to do the same.  I’m much happier being behind the camera, and being quiet while I’m there.  Which means this – I’m never in the pictures.
I loved reading the article, especially where the author points out how much she enjoys looking at photos of her own mother and her grandmothers.  She’s never critical of how her mother’s hair looks, or what she’s wearing.  She just loves seeing her mother in the various stages of her life – from young to old.  She wonders why she is so obsessed with having to look just right in order to allow herself to be photographed.  And she vows to let others take more pictures of her with her kids so that they will have them to look at as they grow and after she’s gone.

It’s been several years since we’ve had professional photos made of our family and we’re way overdue.  We’re getting some made next weekend, and hopefully the weather will cooperate.  It will be a laid back event – no wardrobe changes, hopefully little stress.  I just want to hand the camera over to someone else for a change, and capture the great ages we’ve got going on in our house right now.  And I’m going to try and get out from behind the camera on a regular basis as well.  I’ve got a tripod on my wish list, and I’d like to start playing around with setting it up and taking some remote shots of me and the kids doing what we’re doing.  It’s a promise to myself to get in more pictures – I’m just not promising to stand still and say “cheese” in order to get them!

52 projects: week sixteen

Back to our (ir)regularly scheduled programming.  I’m backing up to week sixteen even though I worked on this project awhile back.  My closet had become the storing ground for all of E’s new room items in waiting, plus the whole thing is constantly jammed with items that are waiting on another home.  It was overdue a spruce up.
We added a dresser to our room awhile back, but of the four enormous drawers, only two of them had room for clothing.  The other two were holding files and paperwork and computer related items that needed a home once we converted the home office into a nursery.  I’m noticing that this loss is a recurring theme on this blog.  Anyway.  We have this enormous wall of storage – which is great, and I’m not complaining.  But it’s currently storing so many other things that would be much better suited to other places in the house, and of the entire wall of storage – this was the amount of space that was mine, just mine.  I did a quick calculation and it’s around 14% of the wall.  The dresser drawers below are full of art and drafting supplies from the former studio, the cabinet above has some books and other random holiday items.  M has a double rod closet to himself and three drawers and a few other shelves on the wall (completely unbalanced, I know).  But even his space is being encroached on by printer supplies and various cameras.   

The new bookshelves are going to be a really huge change in the way this house looks and works – I’m not convinced the rest of my family gets my excitement over the prospect yet.  But they will. 
So back to the closet.  After the mad filing I did a month or so ago, I had another drawer in the dresser to play with.  I was able to fit all my casual shirts and sweaters in that drawer, plus shorts.  I did a ton of picking through and cleaning out to really whittle out the things that I no longer wear.  I used to keep a giant stack of paint clothes, but my painting days are few and far between now so it wasn’t really necessary.  There was a time in this life where I honestly needed a week’s worth of paint clothes – but those days of round the clock renovation projects and laundromat visits are thankfully in the past.  One pair of messies are enough.  In that vein I continued.

I realize that all the closet specialists would chide me for not having the appropriate spacing between clothing so that it hangs and breathes correctly.  I’m okay with this spacing though.  In my opinion clothes do not need more square footage for their existence than I do.  If the hangers fit, that’s all that matters.
There are still piles of books and empty photo albums in the back of the closet, but again – that’s short term.  I’m pretty jazzed to have the rest of the closet area clear of extra stuff, with room for my newly added-to pile of jeans.

Which really leads me to the second part of this to-do list.  One of the things I’ve been wanting to do for awhile is to really go through the things that I own and think about what I wear on a daily basis, and to do my best to spend money on the things that I truly love and will get a lot of wear out of – and to not buy things that I won’t really wear.
One of those things that I wear a lot (because I can get away with it at work where we are fairly (put-together) casual) – is jeans.  I’ve been taking some time to really look for and find jeans that I like rather than just grabbing the same thing off the same shelf because it’s easy and I have a kid in a stroller who’s distracting me.  I’ve watched for some good sales and stocked up on some more expensive, but really cute jeans. 

I’ve got some good basics going on now, and I’ve been adding a few things into the mix.  Occasionally my mom or my mother-in-law will take me shopping and I’ll pick up a few things here and there…

creams and blacks…

pinks and grays…

my fall soccer game sweater – when you really want to just wrap up in a big afghan on the sidelines…
…and even some dresses.  Try to hide your shock.  I think I’ve been so conservative with spending money on clothing that I had fallen into the trap of thinking that spending money on a dress was a splurge.  I’ve gotten a ton of wear out of these dresses, and you can’t wear a dress if you don’t have one, right?  I could live in my latest acquisition – the one on the right.  It is a pretty thick fabric, with three quarter length sleeves that you better believe I’ll be layering through the fall.  If I were the burying type I’d like to be buried in that thing.  I’d live an eternally comfortable life.  That middle one is also amazingly comfortable – stretchy lining with a lace overlay – and then I throw that pink belt on that my sister gave me.  Look at me, talking like I know what I’m doing. 

And lest you fear I’ve left my knit stripes behind me, fear no more…

…they’re still around.

(Also – look at that creepy foot reflection in the drawer front above.  Weird.  Just noticed that.)
This will likely be the last post I ever have resembling any sort of style post, but I’m very happy to have an (almost) clean closet, as well as the prospect of a little more breathing room in the near future.  I’ll be redoing the wardrobe downstairs at some point so we can relocate our winter coats out of our bedroom closet and then maybe all of our clothes will breathe a little easier.  And try not to be so shocked if you see me out and about in a dress!