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writing practice, practice in general

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I really appreciate all the suggestions and questions, here, and on my instagram post, about things you’d like me to write about this summer. I’ve given myself a little (lighthearted) challenge to post something daily during this first month of summer, leading up to a much-needed and much-anticipated, beach vacation escape. I’m hoping that I can get back into the practice of writing – it’s not unlike the practice of anything else I do. I’ve been reasonably successful at scheduling in time each day / week for cooking good food, exercising, reading for pleasure, etc., that I feel like it’s time to pick up the same practice for the act of writing. It doesn’t have to be lengthy or polished or full of well-lit, well-edited photographs. It just needs to be something.

I wrote down all of your ideas, and the outline filled two pages. If you think of anything else, please let me know. I’ve fleshed the list out with a few ideas of my own. When I publish this post we’ll be on the other side of one of the busiest stretches of life that I’ve think we’ve encountered yet – it’s really stretched from our NYC trip in mid-March through the violin concert and reception last night. E’s done with seventh grade, F’s wrapping up first grade today. We have the glorious look-ahead to a three-day weekend; it couldn’t come at a better time. I have things that I hope to do, but at the top of the list is sleep. Good, hard sleep, on clean white sheets, under a lazily spinning fan, well past the point that daylight and birdsong floods the room. And then, some writing.

i miss this place, i miss this space

Confirmation 2

I’ve been thinking about places / spaces a lot lately. It’s a common theme in the books and articles I’ve been reading, and I’ve been using those two words interchangeably in recent conversations as well. I’m not sure they should be interchanged so freely; I wonder now about the difference between their definitions, but I don’t have time to look them up or study them. So naturally I do.

space. n. 1. a continuous area or expanse that is free, available, or unoccupied. 2. the dimensions of height, depth, and width within which all things exist and move.
syn: room, capacity, area, volume, expanse, extent, scope, latitude, margin, leeway, play, clearance.

place. n. 1. a particular position or point in space. 2. a portion of space available or designated for or being used by someone. “a place was reserved for her”
syn: location, site, spot, setting, position, situation, area, region, locale.

The differences are interesting to me. I’ll ruminate on those another day. For now I’ll pick out the meaty parts – this space has certainly been unoccupied lately. I tumble from one thing to the next at breakneck speed until I collapse into bed each night. It’s okay though, I’ve been here before. I am good at many of these things, and I’m glad to do them. I’m trying to do them well.

I’ll get back to this place soon. “a place was reserved for her” – what a treat to read that as an example. I’d like to set a goal for myself to post daily, in smaller doses, for the next month – starting later next week. I have so many notes on things I’ve wanted to talk about and share, and I can see a light at the end of the tunnel on so many of these outside commitments that have been demanding my time these days.

I thought I’d open the floor to you a bit as well. Anything in particular you’d like me to write about, update on, answer in this area? I’ve got thirty pieces to write – what would you like to hear more about or see more of? Let’s call this a kickoff to summer, a gentle nudge back into regular writing, filling this space. Reclaiming this place.


testing, testing, one, two, three

I published a post last night, an update on the addition project, but this morning it’s vanished, along with some conversations in the comments. I’m hoping it can be tracked down, but I’m not holding my breath. It’s been a tough few weeks with my web host, and I’ve tried to be pretty chill about it. It is annoying to lose work that you’ve done, even when that work isn’t all that significant. (I’m using this post as a bit of test here.) If I lost the file I’m cranking on at work this week I’d be devastated. A few hundred words on a blog post is no big deal. Trying to go into the weekend with a little perspective.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday, and a great weekend. It’s supposed to be sunny and warm here, and there’s a running trail calling my name…