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camera cleanout

I’m not as good at doing recaps these days – I blame some of that on the ease of Instagram, and maybe a little of that on having two cameras. It takes a regular practice of using a camera and then downloading the photos to post them, and I don’t feel like much of what I do these days is very consistent. But I have been looking through old photos lately, and thought I’d do a few photo heavy / word light posts that are some glimpses into our days lately. The girls are growing, and I talk of them in more of the abstract than the specific. I think this trend will likely continue, but I don’t want to lose the habit of writing and recording some things I’d like to remember, even if it’s not as regular as it used to be.

violin 3

F made a fantastic Reptiles sign, and sang her heart out in her spring concert. There were a ton of words to this song, and the first graders nailed it.

violin 2

Also? She held hands with D the entire performance. Hmmm. This detail was not lost on any of us. D looks completely okay with this.

Violin 1

DSC_0053 (2)

E finished her year long confirmation classes this past May, and she celebrated with her friend, Z. The girls were born on the same day, 12 hours apart, so they call each other “twin sister”.

DSC_0058 (2)

My parents came to visit that same weekend so that we could celebrate my mom’s birthday. My sister’s family crashed the party at the last minute – which made it a real party, and we ate too much, and stayed out too late with small children, and had an all around blast.

Confirmation 1 (2)

May was unseasonably cool this year, which was lovely. It’s making up for that this June. We spent a lot of time in Forest Park – particularly me. I clocked the most miles ever in May, although not in this navy dress and flats, I promise.

DSC_0065 (2)

DSC_0066 (2)

We’ve also managed to pose in plywood cutout paintings quite a few times so far. E gets the concept pretty well…

circus flora 1

F can’t understand why were all yelling for her to stop drinking her sno-cone.

circus flora 3

We typically go to Circus Flora for Father’s Day, but this year we went a week earlier. The show is baseball themed this year, and really fantastic. It’s hard to top last year’s show (probably the best I’ve ever seen), but there were several really unique acts this year that we loved, and the baseball costumes were so cute. I love everything about it except for the tightrope act with no net. It makes me crazy.

circus flora 2

circus flora 4

At least they have a net for the trapeze.

circus flora 5

Summer’s off to a great start so far. I should do something similar with the photos on my phone soon. I jump back and forth between the two a lot. I love having that convenience, for sure, but there’s something really nice about getting out the “real” camera and snapping a few photos of our adventures – even if I’m a little slow to revisit them these days.

How’s your summer shaping up so far?


brief pauses in the garden

This blog is starting to look like I live in the garden full time. Full is a good word to describe life right now, full to the brim of so many wonderful things that are keeping us so busy. I can’t really complain about being busy, because we’ve been enjoying ourselves immensely. Still, come Sunday evening, we’re ready for a pause – even a short one – just enough to catch our breath before another week begins.

Weekend 3

That is May for you, with weekends perfect for visiting and camping and going on long runs through the park. Field trips and school activities, preparations and programs, cleanups and yard work and laundry when we get to it.

Weekend 10

I can feel that pull of summer – it’s counted down in days now, nine more school days until it starts. I’ve been out of the academic world for several years now, but I really miss the cyclical nature of it when May rolls around. We’re all ready for summer, and the different sort of pace it brings. Baseball, bike rides, swimming, beach vacations and birthday celebrations, heat… bring it on. We’re ready.

Weekend 8

Weekend 9

My family came in for the weekend, and after I have them send me a few photos, I’ll post more about our time outside the garden. I love some of these I captured Saturday afternoon – these kids are growing and changing so quickly, and are so much fun to be around.

Weekend 6

We spent Saturday afternoon in the garden with them, showing them what was new this week.

Weekend 4

Weekend 13

Weekend 12

With six adults and five children, we were able to split up a bit and wander around. The sun was out, which cut the chill in the air. The wedding party setting up for the evening got lucky. It was a gorgeous day.

Weekend 15


Weekend 11

Weekend 14


Weekend 5

weekend 2

Weekend 1

It’s onto Monday again – and we might be a little tired, but we’re refreshed as well. Summer is almost, almost here.

wednesday morning in the garden

Garden 3

The rains moved out just before we arrived at the garden this morning. It’s becoming a theme, although now we come prepared. I am still not back in sync after our travels this past weekend, and after April, really, if we’re being honest here. I am so behind on everything, everything – to the point of wondering if I can realistically get caught up on some of it. F is protesting the garden visit this morning as I’m rushing her through breakfast. I almost cave.

Garden 13

Garden 14

Garden 7

I can do another load of laundry if we stay, and fold the two loads on the bed right now. I can send out a half dozen overdue emails. I can write a blog post. I can start packing for our camping trip. I can finish unpacking from the last trip.

Garden 8

Garden 9

Garden 10

There are dozens of things I could do in the hour stretching before us, not the least of those things is the promise of the end of the protest and the subsequent whining. I do not give in.

Garden 11

Garden 2

Garden 12

She transforms on cue, as do I. I can only do so much, but I can do this. I can walk with my camera and my umbrella and her umbrella until we reach the irises because they are only here for a short time and the lilies are coming. Everything is purple and blue and tumbling over itself. There is a purple pinwheel flower that is emerging from tiny yellow buds that look like pale raspberries, feathery. The alliums are exploding around us, and those early roses.

Garden 20

Garden 6

Garden 5

Garden 1

Somewhere there are rows and rows of peonies, but we don’t have time to visit them. There are a million other things calling my name, and we’ve seen what we’ve come to see, and it’s perfect.

Garden 4