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taking eight on the water

Jet skis on the lake.

taking eight on the road

E spent the majority of her birthday weekend on the road while we traveled up to M’s old high school stomping ground.  We threatened to inform every passing truck stop and diner that it was her birthday, and embarrass her with rousing renditions of “Happy Birthday” at each one, but we got nice and only did it once.  She had fourteen others (plus the restaurant) looking on, and she handled it quite well.  Maybe she’s growing up…
I look at the picture above and then look at the images of E in the previous post and marvel at how quickly she’s transformed into this (minus the sombrero).  So of course, when I see her little sister watch the festivities at the end of the table with this kind of smile…
I wonder what she’ll look like in six years.  
That’s why I take pictures just like this one.

picnic practice

What an awesome night to listen to music under the stars.  Even the theme from Harry Potter made it into the set which was just fine with E.
The music played second fiddle to the food for this one.  Just getting our picnic face on, ready for the big one this weekend coming up.