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friday finds: oliver jeffers + u2

I wish I could tell you that we’d have Oliver Jeffers at our book fair again this year, but alas, no such luck. I do have this video to share with you today. Jeffers’ fantastic lyric video (with Mac Premo) of U2’s song “Ordinary Love” from their new album “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”. Let me see if I can name all the reasons I find this cool:
Oliver Jeffers is one of my favorite author / illustrators.
U2 is one of my favorite bands (and quite possibly the last concert ticket I purchased).
I completely dig the act of writing on objects.
I actually own objects in my own home that have been written on by Oliver Jeffers.
I actually own all of U2’s albums.
I follow Oliver Jeffers on Instagram (and I highly recommend that you do as well) and he’s been showing little mysterious snippets of the creation of this video. It’s pretty awesome to see it all together.
I’m running out of things to list.
Oh, M lived in South Africa – which I realize is a bit of a stretch to a connection to Nelson Mandela, but I was trying for the trifecta of reasons that I loved watching this today.

And just for giggles, last year’s book signing. That’s me, trying to look cool with my children and nine books, but not really succeeding. I wish you could see the three books F’s struggling to hold onto against her belly. The woman behind me is not impressed with my stack.

Whatever, we ended up with a library of these…

I hope this Friday finds you well. I’m glad it’s Friday – I’m ready to be surrounded with family (and books).

friday finds: project clean slate

I’ve been largely absent here, I know. Overwhelmed is understating it. But it’s Friday, the weekend is here, and the slate is blank – not entirely blank, mind you, but just ours to plan and fill as we choose. No travel, no travelers – as fun as both of those are. Just us.

I have to get the cobwebs out – literally and figuratively – this weekend. I took a few moments in the car to breathe deeply and really think about what I could do, tonight, to ease the undercurrent of anxiety and tension that I’m feeling. The oh-so-sexy answer of clean the house came to mind, and as I thought about it some more, I realized just how much I need that.

I’m planning to maximize the bout of energy I seem to have at the moment, and start moving through the house, from the third story down.

It sounds mundane, but mundane is valuable – almost necessary – at times. I also plan to refocus myself in each room – to reconnect with the purpose of each place and be grateful for the people that occupy them, making them messy and real along the way.

There are things I need to work on, things that will stretch me and make me feel better, and I can’t start them until I make the space – inside and out.

I hope this Friday finds you well. Thank you to the many of you that I’ve reached out to this week for all the kindness you’ve returned to our family tenfold. 

friday finds

First of all, you good, good people. Thank you. Thank you for your generosity and for your support. Your names on that team list brighten our day. This Friday finds me thinking of names a lot – thinking about the little one’s namesake, my aunt, who lost her battle with this disease a few years ago. Thinking about family in general, and how lucky we got with ours, and how we have so many supportive friends who feel like family as well.


I found a few other things that brightened my week. A few weeks ago, E found this book and immediately put it on her Christmas wish list. I plan to pick up a copy of it at the book fair in November.
Design*Sponge has been highlighting artists’ personal sketchbooks lately, and it’s become one of my favorite features online, anywhere. Aaron Becker’s sketchbook was particularly interesting this week – I love the interviews and I love getting a glimpse into the way each artist mulls an idea around in their head, or just observes and records the things around them.

All pictures above by Aaron Becker, via Design*Sponge.

I shared a few of my own sketches earlier this summer. I always have a sketchbook in my purse, by my bed, scattered around here and there. On long car trips I like to look back at ideas and drawings – of the house, of holiday cards, of some beginning of an idea. I laughed when Aaron described getting older, and now finding his sketchbook occasionally peppered with to-do lists – because that is me! After I do it, I think about how old and busy I am now, allowing myself to put lists among the drawings – so different from my drawings of places around Europe when the only thing I had to keep track of was my passport and the train schedule – and my pen, I guess. Only once did I set my sketchbook down and walk away – but a very kind tourist tracked me down, running after me on the street. What a lucky day that was.


And then this – another day brightener. We let the girls watch it too, over and over again. It’s just so sweet and lovely and makes us smile. 

I hope this Friday finds you well – have a great weekend.