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late night progress

What is the deal?? I honestly felt like late September – mid-October was our busiest stretch of days, but the last two weeks of supposed leisure in comparison have been bonkers. I’m trying to figure out if part of the issue is the time change and the shorter daylight hours. I’m stuck in the office during the lovely parts of the day, and then when we need to get everything else done, it’s pitch black outside and feels like midnight. Our evenings have been so full despite being under-scheduled, so something else has got to give.

M was out of town two days last week, and then we traveled as a family this past weekend, so that might be part of it too. Not having the weekend to catch up on the house and the grocery runs means that stuff gets delegated to the evenings. And we’re still trying to make time to work out, and I’ve started running at the gym, but that time seems more intrusive on our evening schedule than catching a run in the park on the way home from work ever did. These are the days when I wish I could just take a hiatus from the regular work week grind. I’m driving the first shift of F’s field trip this morning, so I’ve got a bonus forty minutes at home by myself. The sun is out, the street is busy with some repair work and the noise of school buses and deliveries at the deli. I’ve got coffee dripping in the kitchen below me and the smells and sounds and pace of the morning is intoxicating. Best to not dwell on that too much…

I thought I’d save up some of my photos and ideas and just do one big post on the bathroom progress, but that’s silly. Big posts are not my speed these days, and finding the time to take photographs with natural light is rare. So here’s a quick update on what we’ve done.


Two weekends ago I deep cleaned the whole room – starting at the ceiling and tops of walls, shower curtains down and laundered, hardware scrubbed, fixtures, lights, everything. Then, over the course of the next week, I painted three different blues in three different spots each around the room. So now the room looks like a giant patchwork quilt. I put white foamcore up on the ledge to hide the black so I could better judge the blues. I think we’ve found the one we want – Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue HC-156. It has a fair amount of gray in it while still looking blue, but it doesn’t go all the way to navy. More navy just looked too close to the blue-black we had in there on the top – I wanted more of a change than just flipping things. And some of the prettiest indigo blues looked really, really blue at nighttime – I want soothing in there, not Kentucky Wildcat Blue (unless we’re talking basketball).


Here are some grainy, late night photos of the cabinet. (The good blue is nearest the upper left hand corner of the cabinet, but this is an Instagram photo, not really true color.) It was on back order and was scheduled to be back in production on 11/11, shipping to the store a few weeks later. Instead it arrived on 11/11 to the store – and guess what? They wanted it picked up within three days. M was in Dallas and then we were headed out of town to visit with family, so I asked them to give us a little more time. They did, and M and I rearranged our Monday afternoon schedule to make this work. Unfortunately, the rains also came on Monday – huge downpours scheduled for several days in a row. And our muscle (a close friend) was available Monday night, but not after that for awhile.

Ugh. The store had the box wrapped with heavy duty plastic for transport in our open bed truck. There was a brief window of minimal rain from 5:00- 6:30 that evening, which was extra lucky because they had to bust the packaging open at the house to get the pieces in. This cabinet is large and HEAVY. It ended up taking about 4.5 hours to get it picked up and carried in – and then they decided to take the stair railings off so that they didn’t have to lift the cabinet above their heads to clear the railings. Around 9:00pm M slid the last drawer in. That was Monday night. No wonder we’re exhausted.


The cabinet is gorgeous, and still sitting empty. I’m working on how to fill it – and have a test roll of non slip drawer liners and some clear modular plastic inserts from the Container Store to hold our toiletries (and protect this piece from accidental spills). I’ll get some better photos this weekend when there’s more light.

Now – off to that field trip before I get too attached to this kind of morning schedule…

indigo wainscoting (come peek into our second floor)

Bathroom 1 LABELS

As a little mental break between real work and house work and addition work, I’ve been tinkering away on the house model in sketchup – this time working on some wainscoting layouts in the master bathroom. (Here are two previous posts on initial design ideas.) I have the whole house modeled in rough form in sketchup, but some areas where we’ve done projects over the last few years are much more detailed. I took some precise measurements of the master bathroom and tweaked the model to make it match because it’s essential to get the layout just right before starting on a wainscoting design – especially when you have vertical boards with generous spacing in between them. There are eight wall segments in the room and each one is a different length, so laying out the verticals isn’t as easy as it looks.

You might remember that we were considering this piece below for storage in the room – we went to look at the actual piece at West Elm recently and really liked it. Behind the swing door you have the option for adjustable shelves or a hanging rod – the shelves will be perfect for storing toiletries and bathroom supplies, and the drawers can hold more of the same, plus towels.


And it’s just a coincidence that they are showing it in front of a blue wall – but hey! I think it looks great. I recently brought home a lot of different blue samples from work and pinned them up on the wall. I took this picture at night with my phone, so the colors look really bright and purplish, but they were all really pretty in person. I just got a sample of the blue in the largest sample below. It’s much less purple and more indigo – and much more muted than it reads there. In fact – it’s a little like the blue in that photo above!


So here are a few closer views of the wainscoting. Because it’s a small room, it’s sort of hard to get good views inside the model without really distorting the camera view angle. It’s no different than trying to get a good photograph in a small room. That’s why there are so many views below – feel free to click on any of them to see them larger. I also modeled the actual size of the wardrobe to make sure it would fit in the space. It’s exactly eight inches wider than our current cabinet which means we could still use the rolling hamper in the room as well, but I honestly think the wardrobe will look better if it’s not so crowded in there. We don’t really need the hamper in there – the room is right next door to the laundry room, so maybe that’s a non issue.

Bathroom 2

I’m not showing a mirror in the room yet – but we’ll obviously need to pick one before we finalize the details of the wainscoting because there will not be pegs behind it and we may need to modify the upper ledge to accommodate it. I’ll probably model a few options to scale before we make a decision.

Bathroom 3

Bathroom 4

The verticals are evenly spaced, and I finally found a spacing that looks good on all the walls. It’s important to focus on the most visible corners of the room and work from there – in our case it’s the corner across from the door and the two big walls in the room. The corner behind the door and the corner next to the window are less important – remember the tub has an exposed shower ring with curtains, so even when those are pulled back they still completely block that back corner from view. The panels also need to center on the existing sink and toilet locations – so the placement and spacing had to take a lot of things into consideration.

Bathroom 5

Bathroom 6

M saw a wainscoting detail that he liked a few months ago – it was in a dining room, and he thought it might look good in this room. It’s almost a reversed idea from this one. I tried it out in the model (see below), but it looked too busy in this space and it’s a lot of material – wood, fasteners, caulk, plus time and labor.

Bathroom 8 Alt Wainscot copy

So this is where I think we’re headed. Time to measure and mark it out on the walls to test it out in the real world, and also time to get some indigo-go on the walls. Oh, and we need to find the perfect wood peg too – if you see one, let me know!

Bathroom 7

this week

MBed 2

This week hasn’t been much fun (on many fronts), but on the home front it’s been pretty crappy. F’s fighting some annoying virus that keeps lingering on, sending her temperature soaring every 4-5 hours. Just when you think she’s broken through to the other side it’s back. She missed four days of school this week, and so far we’ve missed night one of our semi-annual group camping trip. Not fun.

M and I have been juggling this all week, and yesterday I was home with her while M put in an eighteen hour day in an effort to catch up a bit. I don’t really have the software I need on our home computer to get much work done, so whenever F laid herself down to rest or relax I tackled some deeper cleaning around the house.

You’ve seen pictures of our bedroom before, but usually I just take them from an angle that blocks out the old shelving unit where our computer has been sitting since F arrived and kicked us out of our studio space. It’s driven me batty in there on numerous occasions – it’s not comfortable to work there for very long, it’s a massive dust collector, and even if we’re not actually using it during sleeping hours, I don’t like any technology in the bedroom. So it’s been one of those annoying things that seems simple enough to remedy but never is. Until yesterday.

MBed 3

Clean, glorious clean. I scrubbed, dusted, moved, pitched, laundered, organized, thinned, adjusted, and mopped every square inch of the space. In the middle of this activity, F climbed up onto the half assembled bed and took a nap. I sorted and folded and packed up clothes around her.

MBed 4

Last night I stayed up way too late, waiting up for M to return home, and tackling some more tasks that never seem to get accomplished on the weekend. I know I was physically tired and emotionally spent when we finally turned in for the night, but still – that was some good, clean sleep. Just what the doctor ordered.

MBed 1

We have the cast iron summer front in the basement that used to be in the living room before we did the bookshelves. M said he’d repair it and bring it up and install it, so that will look great there under the mantel. The leather bench at the end of the bed might be one of the first things we bought together – I can’t say that I love, love, love it anymore, but it currently houses all the dress up clothes which makes our room very popular when friends come to play.

One day we’ll be out of the dress up stage, and maybe we’ll replace with a simpler, non-storage bench. I’d still like a small nightstand or two someday – I wouldn’t complain if an Eames stool showed up under the tree one day! But I really love this room, as simple as it is. Now that it’s clean and uncluttered again the whole room feels as good as a crisp, clean set of sheets do during a stolen afternoon nap. Perfect surroundings to sleep through the sickies and wake refreshed and cool again. (I hope that day is coming soon, poor dear.)

P.S. See that little white button on the floor at the head of the bed? I also installed the bed warmer last night. Fall!