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Each new day – but especially on Fridays – I am reminded of just how much I loved this age with E.  Conversational, inquisitive, always ready to try out new things… two is about as good as it gets (until four – I adored four!)  What a treat it is to be able to do it all again.  I’m not sure I fully grasped how meaningful it would be to revisit each age with a new little person.
There are moments with two that are very much two-ish, but for the most part, I think two gets a bad rap.  I’ll take the occasional bout of fierce independence over lacking verbal skills and diapers any day.
I remember that it was about this time that E’s love for letters really took off.  It’s fun to see that again with F.  She loves singing her ABC’s, and likes pointing them out everywhere.  (Not naming actual letters correctly, but knowing that they are letters.
And she really enjoys finding the z is for zebra and the t is for train.  This was really the only exhibit we needed to see to completely make her day.   
Of course that was before she discovered super high tunnels she could scamper up through by herself.

when "two enough" means "tall enough"

I have pictures of both girls around every birthday playing with this exhibit at The Magic House.  It’s never a planned thing, we just seem to find ourselves there every once in awhile, walk around the corner and see this, and then remember to take a picture.  It’s like a growth chart on the wall, only with grubby tennis balls and bells.

Of course, now that I have this photo (taken yesterday), I can’t find any of the old photos to link to so that you can see the changes throughout the years.  But with both girls that magic age of two seems to get them to the point where, with an enormous amount of reaching, equal parts concentration and determination, and the tippiest-of-tiptoes, they can send those tennis balls down the chute and race to the bottom of the steps to watch them sail over the silver bell and back into their hands for another round.  It’s a milestone no less than all the other more familiar ones.  Tall enough.

friday finds: head gear

This bike was F’s birthday gift – she has been infatuated with the same one at E’s school for awhile and always runs to play on it when she’s there, so this gift was a no-brainer.  Speaking of brains – this morning I took her to get fitted for a helmet so she could safely drive outside.  Fortunately for us all those pink helmets with bunnies on them were too little.  The black one with the flame job was a perfect fit.  It looks pretty cool with these wheels.  She was a hit at the playground. 
What did you find (brain related or otherwise) this Friday?