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around town: green with indie craft show

I failed to mention this in yesterday’s post – I meant to tie it in with the food talk. The whisk I drew was inspired by one of my purchases at the Green with Indie Craft Show on Saturday. This flour sack towel is from Sprouted Designs (and so is the photo). I love it, and I’m already putting it to work. We don’t use paper napkins or towels in our house (unless we are severely behind on the laundry), and I’m slowly replacing some of the small square kitchen towels with larger, harder working towels like this one. She sells her work on Etsy – you should check out some of her other designs. I’ve got my eye on the tomatoes on the vine next.

My parents came along with us, and bought me an early birthday present – this extra long rolling pin.

Rolling pin
Mine is similar to the dark one in the center – except mine is even longer – 24″, solid wood, tapered at the ends. Gorgeous. I couldn’t find a link to the maker’s website, but his name was listed as Sol Guber, and here’s his flickr account. Similar French tapered rolling pin here.

E found a painting that she really liked for her bedroom from Triangle Squared, and we also hung out at my friend’s booth, The Mad Magnolia. We picked up some sweet little hair bows at Ruby Francis and resisted (with effort) the adorable dolls at Riley Construction. A nice way to spend the morning on a gray and chilly day.