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That’s what you become when you have a sister.  (Hello to mine!)

where in the world?

Guess where we spent the weekend between two very important birthdays in our house?
(No fair guessing if you already knew…)
Now while you’re guessing, I’m going to bed.


Lots of reuniting this week for these two (although they were really only apart for four days) and quite a bit of reuniting with our computer (and rescued files and photos!)  We back up all the time – just this time the crash occurred right after returning from vacation and while sorting through photos, catching up on emails, paying bills, etc.  So I’ll take the next few days to reunite you with the rest of the vacation photos and the baby’s first trip to the beach.  I’ll throw in a bit of real time photos to keep on track.  Trust me, it’s way more fun than sorting through emails or paying those bills.