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Here’s the latest (and probably last) addition to the cityscape for my nephew.  The park.  I thought of putting a kite, but then the balloon seemed right.  And I love it.  I drew inspiration for the trees from the book Follow the Line, which was the starting point my sister gave me when she asked me to do this for C.  Once I finished the park, I really wanted to put these on the wall, step back and look at them for a few days.  And since M was at work (self-punishment for taking a vacation day on Friday) and E was still up (and suddenly hyper), we decided to hang them with museum putty and stand back and admire our my work.  She just thinks it’s hers because I did so much of it in her room with her standing over my shoulder critiquing each cut and paste.

And here is the bed and the bedding in my nephew’s room.  (That is not his orange room, although it is cute.  But very, very orange.)  His bed is from Room and Board, and the bedding is Dwell Studio’s Skyline.  Below those are some photos of his room before he was even born, and the original artwork I made him for over his crib.

So E and I hung the canvases up over her bed, and then she thought that they needed to be spaced out a little more, and I agreed.  So I did. 

And then I looked at the park on both sides.  It balances out better next to the residential building but E likes it by the school for practical purposes.  To which I say that it’s art and not reality… and besides, the park will certainly raise the property values of the adjacent condos.

And then there’s the adorable crane that is kind of too small really to look right anywhere.  Except maybe on the roof of the school, working on the high rise commercial building.  And the helicopter.  Suspend it with wire?  Mount it directly to the canvas?  I love it, but I don’t want it to look like it’s about to crash into the building.  Happy art.

So, still thinking about a few things, and M has arrived home and is providing commentary behind me like – “There are cranes that go on top of buildings, but not that type of crane.” and “What, no pigeons?”
Which means it’s time to call it a night, and set this to post in the morning for your viewing pleasure.  Comments or suggestions welcome. 

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  1. Oh my! That is beautiful!! He is one lucky kid, and I’m one lucky sister. What project can I mention next?…. ha ha! Thanks a billion!

  2. What if the park were between the civic building and the condo building (which does have the green roof) or between the school and the high rise? I feel like the taller buildings need something between them/more spacing…

    With the overhanging school sign, I like the school on the left end.

    The buildings and the details look great!

  3. These look gorgeous! Love the colors and details. You are very talented. Do you mind if I feature your projects on my blog? Credits and link to your blog will be included.

    My email is


  4. This is absolutely amazing! A very creative idea.

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