lucky thirteen: a love story and a house

Thirteen years ago today we put an offer on this beauty.  I know.  She’s gorgeous isn’t she?

What can I say?  We were young, in love, ready for an adventure, and more than a little crazy.

But despite those early years of near-camp like existence, the hours and hours of back breaking work, and the general mess that we endured, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Somewhere along the way we fell in love.  Not that early kind of infatuation that made a complete dump look like our dream house, but the kind of love that comes with building and planning, saving and scraping, and working and working and working.  The kind of love that fills these walls with laughter and play and quiet and escape.  The kind of love that I feel when I sit in the girls’ rooms and look around as they play, or when I climb into bed, warm from the ice hitting the windows on either side of me.  The kind of love that I feel when I’m washing the paintbrush and then standing back to look at a night’s work, or curled up next to my love, watching a movie, or when I climb those stairs and look at sleeping girls in their attic retreat. 
I’ve been digging through the archives (even pre-digital) of the early days in the house, and that’s always a lot of fun.  We do up birthdays pretty big in our house, and maybe it’s time for a little birthday for the house.  Lucky thirteen.  She was always gorgeous to us.


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  1. Sue at Naperville Now

    It is such a great house — you have saved it so beautifully. (Have you watched The Rehab Addict on diy/hgtv? You have much in common with the woman who saves houses, though hers are in pretty bad shape.) Love your blog.

  2. I haven’t watched that show – we don’t have cable, although we’ve been known to OD on it when on vacation. I’ll have to check it out sometime.

    And thanks.

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