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(nineteen) July 2016. I see this view at the top of the stairs and it never fails to make me smile. This was the best project of the year – its completion brings me joy every day. Functionally, it makes the mornings easier and it also simplifies and organizes travel packing. Those pegs do a lot of work, and look so beautiful while doing it. I worried about the dark blue – outside of the obvious fretting over the right shade of blue. Would it feel too dark and cramped and different from the rest of the house that is light and bright and white? But the room glows in the summer when the light is plentiful. It changes throughout the day and it set off the colors of the flowers I arrange in there each week. And now that we’ve reentered the season of long nights and dark mornings, it’s a cozy retreat at the end of each day. I sink deeply into the warm water to soak off the busyness of the moment and wait for the dahlia days to return. 


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