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This is an advent series I’ve done each morning on these days leading up to Christmas. I’ve been featuring found photos from the past seventeen years that feature a favorite corner (and memory) in our home. Please check back on Christmas Eve for the final advent post and our annual holiday letter – and we wish you and yours a joyful season of celebration.


(twenty-two) October 2005. I’ve had several conversations with friends over the course of the last month or two about this bathroom, including one that I had just last night. The girls’ bathroom was featured in This Old House magazine, and on a few websites, and those features led a few people to this blog, and now we’re friends and it’s a good story to say that you met over a bathroom! But I guess if you’re going to meet over one, I’d pick this one any day. This is my favorite photo ever taken in this room, and that’s saying something because this is the only room in the house that can boast that it has professional photos of itself. E is two in this photo, and we’ve collaborated on these butterfly wings from The Very Hungry Caterpillar book. We found fairy wings and then I cut and she glued dozens and dozens of tissue paper shapes onto both sides of the wings to match the ones in the story. She waited so patiently for them to dry, and then she slipped them on and headed upstairs to get a peek. She’s standing on a step stool and her face just barely falls in the circle of the mirror. I love her expression. She is so proud of the way they turned out – she had a picture in her mind (and in her favorite book) and she made it come to life. I feel that way about this room as well. I saw that sink in the first floor kitchen and I could see it in a room just like this, with oversized mirrors that tip this way and that – perfect for admiring butterfly wings as we do.


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  1. I found you over this bathroom! It was when Young House Love featured it. I loved it so much that I started following your blog, and then I realized we lived in the same city, and that your youngest and my oldest are almost exactly the same age. Years later, your blog is still one of my favorites. I’m so thankful you do this so faithfully!
    Carrie recently posted…December 21My Profile

    • I get that a lot! I was just talking to another friend (first virtual, now real life) as we served cookies together at our daughters’ school concert reception. The coolest twist on this story is that my friend Adah (who comments here frequently) starting reading the blog, but never realized that we were the same people / house from the This Old House magazine until she saw a photo I took of the bathroom. She had actually ripped out the magazine page of the bathroom and put it into her inspiration folder (pre-Pinterest days!). I love making connections like this.

      Have a wonderful holiday season with your beautiful family.

  2. “Making the blog” is exciting, but friendship potential IRL is way better!

  3. I agree! And thanks a million for your help last night. Have a wonderful Christmas.

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