project addition: week five

house tour

I’m coming to the realization that carving out the time to work on this project is more difficult than I anticipated. (Don’t laugh.) Still, slowly but surely, we’re making some progress. I’m still working on the site portion of the model, but I thought I’d post a quick axonometric of the existing house so you can get your bearings. I took the old models of various house parts, put them all together, removed all the color but left the details intact, and then added the missing parts. It bugs me a little (fine, a lot) that there are very detailed areas (like the living room), and really spare areas (like the third floor), but I’ve been telling myself over and over again that the third floor has very little to do with the new addition.


The form of our house is very simple – three squares in a row. Living / Dining / Kitchen. A portion of the back square is an outdoor space – porch on the first level and balcony on the second level. There used to be an exterior stair here when the house was a two-family house – we added the interior stair to convert the house to a single family home, but retained the outdoor porches. There is also a powder room carved out of the middle square.


Same pattern on the second floor – three squares. Front is Master Bedroom (with only part of the wardrobes built in the model, I’m now noticing), middle square is the Stair Hall and Master Bath and Laundry, and the back square is the Den / Studio with adjacent Balcony.


Only the front two squares extend to the third floor – there is a roof over the Den / Studio. The third floor is divided into three parts – a front Bedroom, a rear Bedroom, and a Stair Hall and Bathroom.


I love this top view of the house – it’s so tall and skinny, and it shows off my very favorite part of this place – the mansard roof with the dormer.

Street View

Here’s a quick look at the neighboring context – skinny lot, close neighbors!


And the back view of the house – you can see the site plan underneath, which gives you an idea of the length of the property.

For the next post I’ll have more of the site model to show you, as well as the start of the physical model. And then it will be time to start modeling the addition!

Meeting adjourned.

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  1. Love looking at this! I can think of “someone” who would have loved studying this

  2. fascinating process! thanks for sharing.

  3. Yes, my first thought was skinny! Such a cool way to see your house, too.
    Adah recently posted…FebruaryMy Profile

  4. I love this! I’m going to miss my old house so much when we move so I’ll live vicariously through you and your beautiful home.

    • Find some nice property in Austin and I’m more than happy to design a house for it. (With multiple site visits, naturally.)

  5. I may just take you up on that! We’ll be in a rental until the “right” property comes along. Perhaps the right property just means starting in STL!

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