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(twenty) January 2005. Twelve years ago we were on a quest to find a miniature kitchen for E, but at the time there weren’t very many cute options beyond the plastic ones. This was way before the days of a million micro-kitchen makeovers on the internet, but M could clearly picture a tiny little set of appliances with some of the leftovers we were starting to collect in our scrap pile – a salvaged faucet from one of the house’s bathrooms, some sample pulls we purchased to try out on cabinets. He set to work and made this set. We painted the inside of the fridge the same blue as our bedroom ceiling; the hooks were extras from sets we installed in our bathroom in the first renovation round. I found that stainless steel mixing bowl with a lip at Target – the perfect drop in sink. The kitchen was a big hit at Christmas, and it moved into our own kitchen for several years until my sister bought it from us because she couldn’t find a cuter one for her kids. The kids are growing so quickly now. F came along, and we became a house with two girls instead of one. My sister just had another little girl, and so our houses are still filled with little feet and little toys. I hope this kitchen set stays around for awhile – and there is more playing and imagination in its future. I love the projects that come out of this house just as much as I love the projects that stay inside it. When I look at this picture I see the creativity and love that we share as a family; as I type this I can hear F stirring up some fantastic concoction with a play whisk and wooden salad bowl above me. Any moment now she’s going to invite me to share.


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  1. Of course you made it! I love how the small touches are still part of your home (drawer pulls to test, old faucet, blue interior.

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