Daily Archives: December 6, 2014

creative chaos


I really love the way the season pushes us to be thoughtful and creative in our various ways of celebrating the season. But I’m going to be honest with you, the chaos and the messiness quickly spirals out of control. Don’t let the cleverly cropped instagram photos fool you. I’m pretty happy with the way my present wrapping idea turned out, and last last night when the three of us were working on them, sitting next to the lit tree and listening to holiday music, the living room was glowing and immaculate.

The rest of the house is another story.

Secret Projects2Feast of Thanksbackdrop 2014_12_06-006
Trying to lean into the season while looking past the chaos that it inevitably brings.

M is stringing garland on the wrought iron fence and the girls are making surprises at their desks. We’re about to set out on an afternoon of errand running and prop procuring and gift delivering. The house isn’t going to clean itself in our absence, but everything looks a little more peaceful in the twinkle lights of nightfall.