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let’s eat: on the menu (and a giveaway)

lets eat

It was so good to get back in the kitchen again after seven weeks off. Since I was working full time through the recovery period, I really took the doctor’s orders seriously and came home and sat on my duff and elevated my feet. It was hard to do, but I think it’s really paying off now. But I missed making dinner, and I was ready to be back at it.

Last week I opted to do Blue Apron again after a two month hiatus. It seemed like a good plan because I didn’t have to add grocery run back onto the list.


Wednesday night’s meal was Tofu Tortas and Tostones (fried plantains) with Mojo Dipping Sauce. These were delicious – not too spicy, and the girls were brave enough to try them. The red onions were pickled in honey and boiling water and a little salt and were delicious on the sandwich. I used the sandwich press in the final cook and they were perfectly melted and toasted.


Thursday night M was out of town and  I made the Spring Root Vegetable Casserole with English Peas and Egg Noodles. This recipe came together really easily. F shelled the peas and I really like the kohlrabi in the mix, but the girls didn’t love it- they just ate around it – they love sweet potatoes and peas though. And shelling peas is also fun.


M and E were out of town all weekend – camping with the Girl Scouts – so the little one and I went out together for dinner Friday night, and then with a friend on Saturday night. (We had the Ozark S’more Gelato at Pasteria since we weren’t eating s’mores around the campfire – I’m going to have to call the win for the ice cream – 4 Hands Chocolate Stout + some crazy good (and not too sweet) marshmallow + graham cracker pieces. F and I split the ice cream, and it took a little convincing to settle on that flavor – she loves their basil gelato, which is cool, but a little weird.)


Sunday we had a late lunch all together at The Mud House, and then had a late dinner of Crispy Fingerlings and Spring Salad with Baked Emmental Bread. We also had roasted corn and green beans on the side, since the girls will eat salad, but not in copious amounts. Plus, adding in a side dish or two stretches those meals for two out for four quite easily. Sunday I also jumped back into meal planning – and made my first run through the grocery store (with no pain!) – and so I’ll be back to regular posting around here about the dinner table again.

In honor of my easy start back into the kitchen – I have three more weeks of Blue Apron meals to give away! They showed up in my account this week – and I’m happy to pass them onto you (this is not a sponsored post!). Check the map first here to make sure they deliver to you, and then leave me a comment below. I’ll draw three winners on Friday. Good luck!