Daily Archives: July 7, 2011

feeling sentimental

Just took a few minutes while eating lunch to look back at pictures of my “two enough” girl, two years ago.


In less than 48 hours our house is going to start to fill with family coming into town to celebrate F’s birthday.  And this is what my house looks like at 12:45am Thursday morning.

Order of chaos:  Living Room painting, basket favors (partially assembled), thawing cookies, one hundred-and-one ways to add an addition to my sister’s house.

two enough

Last weekend we coined the phrase “two enough”.  Several times over the course of the weekend we were asked how old our daughter was and each time we said “almost two” or “nearly two”.  Eventually, amongst ourselves, we added “two enough“.  I think that phrase describes this child perfectly.  She’s not quite older, but is trying with all her might to be just that.  She’s absorbing things at such a rapid pace, and spitting out the words to describe those things so quickly now.  She has her moments of inflexibility, but even those are beginning to even out  She can be reasoned with, a dialogue is there.  This is one of the things that I like most about being a parent – the evolution of a conversation with someone who is at the same time a part of you and independent of you.

Breakfast, Rue Lafayette.  First singing to me (and everyone else), and then devouring a pastry.